Are you an entrepreneur with a big dream? 

Are you an entrepreneur with a big dream? 
Hi innovator is an initiative of Uganda's National Social Security Fund aimed at giving visibility to small and growing businesses to help them secure seed funding, technical assistance and partnerships for their growth.



"Ideas are responsible for the progression and prosperity of we human beings - without them we would still be living in primitive times

NSSF, in partnership with MUBS Entrepreneurship Innovation and  Incubation center and Outbox, brings you its new exciting program called Hi Innovator.

Hi Innovator looks at engaging entrepreneurs and funding exceptional business ideas.

Join in on the program by registering through Outbox or MUBs Incubation Center and watch your project grow." 

How to participate

Idea is submitted

Idea owner is invited to a boot camp session with professionals in order to refine the idea

Pitch is made for seed funding

Incubation of the idea in preparation for potential investors.

You must be a Ugandan business having operated for at least two years with at least 2 founding members (Ugandan citizens) and have not raised more than UGX 1 billion in either grants, seed funding, venture capital or private equity.

Get further details by following the link.

Access to free professional & technical assistance throughout the process

Availability of seed funding to grow your business

Access & exposure to investors to scale your business

Judging criteria

Availability of applicants and skill-sets to be able to work on the solution

Applicants ability to demonstrate how their solution differentiates from already existing initiatives. What novel approaches it presents, how scalable it is and Knowledge on customer segmentation. In addition, a good understanding of  your SGB (Small and/or Growing Business) positioning within the market, Business modeling, Revenue and the external business environment.

How the applicant addresses the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the expected impact. 

SGB (Small and Growing Business): small-and-growing businesses are defined as commercially viable, high-potential businesses employing five to 250 people and seeking growth capital of 20,000 USD to 2 million USD (see ANDE, 2018)